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An Open Letter from Ralf Garrison: Founding Partner: Insights Collective

Uniquely positioned by my resort economics experience and a network of friends/associates, I have gathered a team of fellow industry experts to form a collaborative think tank that aims to deliver actionable recommendations to resort destinations and those who depend upon their economies.

This introduces the Insights Collective: a Pandemic Economy Think Tank, established as a platform for the exchanges of information, best practices and the application of scientific evidence where available, and our collective wisdom as required.

Our objective: To leverage our resources to provide insights and actionable recommendations to public and private sector decision makers in leisure travel destinations on behalf of their tourism-dependent businesses, local and part time residents and visitors.

For the past several months, our group has been working diligently, attempting to use fact when available, evidenced-based research and best practices when available, and good old “tribal knowledge,” harnessing more than 300 years of combined experience into a disciplined think tank to address that which is otherwise unknown.

Now our Insights Collective group is emerging from the shadows, doubling our efforts and invite others to join as their conscience dictates, mindful of the greater good required to successfully emerge from the pandemic economy with which we’re now faced and for which there is little precedent and even less reliable data.

While there is much beyond our control, there are some that can be identified, anticipated and even impacted to the greater good. It’s here where reliable information is most valuable, evidence -based decision making is strategic and where Insights Collective is focused.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be working with/through local civic leaders and similarly minded media partners to provide the most reliable information, insights and actionable recommendations we can muster, generally following the key drivers upon which the new realities of this pandemic-economic hurricane is based.

If you and/or your destination would benefit from the services we are offering, and for further information, please visit our micro site at TheInsightsCollective.com or contact me directly. There you have it.

303.929.2122 - ralf@ralfgarrison.com